Barista University®

At Barista University, we run sessions day and night. Whether you're newbies or a cafe owner who wants to fine-tune their skills, our trainers will be able to match your level and bring you up to speed on everything that is important in coffee right now. We also run master classes for Competition grade Baristas. We're open early and we close late, so you can fit your training in to suit your work. Take classes or book your own private session. Our trainers are professional and consistent in their delivery. They'll meet you on your level and show you everything. How to make the perfect cup of coffee, steam milk, get consistent quality coffee out of your espresso machine and even how to clean it properly.

Barista Championship Australasia®

Become the Best Barista in the Australasian region. This competition sorts the men from the boys, the women from the girls. You get to compete with your close neighbours. This competition aims at keeping the bar high. It keeps you abreast of changes in the industry. It's also a fantastic opportunity to travel and find out what is going on in our wider region! There are fantastic prizes to be won and many grades of competition - including speed, art and quality testing.

Barista World Championship®

This is your opportunity to explore an even Wider World stage. Held at a different exotic location and country each year, you will compete with Master Grade Baristas, learn new tricks and tips of the trade and fine tune your skills. Meet the Masters of the Maestros and learn the latest of what is going on in the World Coffee Community.

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