Cup of Perfection

The Best of The Best, Cup of Perfection® coffees. These single-origin coffees are chosen by Specialty Coffee Associates of Australia (SCAA) for their perfect flavour profiles.

Cup of Perfection® certified coffees represent the the pinnacle of flavour and quality for their region.

Fair Exchange

Fairly Traded coffees, teas and cocoas.

World Coffee Aid

World Coffee Aid is a better alternative to other socially responsible organisations who want to give something sustainable back to the World. World Coffee Aid - WCA for short - is a 100% Australasian run initiative.

You make the choice WHICH charity you want WCA to donate to. It doesn't necessarily need to be coffee related. It can be as local as your own neighbourhood or city, or as International as The Fred Hollows Foundation or OXFAM's program for goat ownership in Malawi.

You can give as much or as little as you like through WCA. The amount of donation is not limited.

100% of your donation goes straight to the cause. The benefit of donating through WCA is that you get to choose the cause you want to support.


Coffee Footprint certifies that your coffee usage has been carbon off-set by tree planting and carbon sequestration in Australia.

Cafes and coffee brands that are Coffee Footprint endorsed are joining to make a stand to lower emissions, slow global warming, and create a more sustainable future for our planet. The coffee industry is coming together to reduce its carbon footprint through Coffee Footprint.

Consumers are leading the way, as they are demanding that cafes smarten up their act. It's really very simple. It's no cost to you. Your coffee supplier will pay for your Coffee Footprint carbon off-set certification. Fight global warming one cup at a time®

Direct Trade

What does Direct Trade mean? It means FRESH & DIRECT!

It's a Direct Line from Grower to Roaster or a Direct Line from Roaster to Barista! When we have a Direct Line from Grower to Roaster, the farmer gets a better price and the roasters get a fresher product.
You get the freshest roasted coffee available. It doesn't cost anymore, because the extra cost of direct delivery can be offset by direct buying cost savings. There is no added cost to you. No time wasted.

No Middle Men. Just Direct Trade! It's as simple as that.

Alianca Guarani

Alianca Guarani is an ethically responsible organisation that donates money to a wide variety of coffee related charities. As an umbrella organisation, Alianca Guarani is able to balance current resources and direct aid to the most relevant causes across the coffee growing world.

You choose who you want Alianca Guarani to donate to and 100% of your donation goes straight to that cause. There are no administration fees. You can also give as much or as little as you like.

Sustainable Ethical Quality Excellence

Sustainable Ethical Quality Excellence endoresement certifies that the manufacturer adheres to the sustainable and ethical quality assurance processes. Only manufacturers producing superior, premium quality products are eligible for this endorsement.

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